All Realtors are NOT the same
Over the past 22 years, We have provided hundreds
of Home Buyers & Sellers with Valuable Information
and Assistance in this most stressful yet rewarding venture.
These are a few of their comments.
Contact info available on request...

"The home we sold was not an easy home to sell due to being on a busy street and having a messy neighbour. Brian did an excellent job marketing this home, utilizing all available technologies and helping up prepare our home for sale....

...I can only describe Brian’s efforts to help us find a new home as tireless. Hey not only worked hard to find us a home but also stayed positive and encouraging when it seemed that we would never find the right place. complete letter...
Mark and Andrea Devitt"

"Having many horrible experiences dealing with other realtors that basically left me with the feeling they didn’t give a damn, I met Brian Rooney and his associates.

Immediately after meeting them, I realized they were different and I felt comfortable with.

Due to their proactiveness, one of the homes I viewed that night ended up being the perfect one, which significantly lessened my stress level. I knew the kids and I were going to be safe now and everything was going to be okay.

This potentially devastating situation was handled so efficiently and professionally by Marleane and Brian, it actually strengthened my relationship with my soon to be ex-husband.

Marleane & Brian are definitely the Real Estate Agents you want working for you. They were able to handle both of our needs jointly as well as separately while all the time respecting our confidentiality and privacy"
complete letter...
Laurie Delaney.

"I would like to recommend to anyone reading this letter the services of Brian Rooney. He is a true professional, passionate about his work and has an absolutely outstanding sales team. Please don’t make the mistake I made with going with the cheaper guy, as it will undoubtedly cost you more in the long run! Thank You Brian & the Langley Home Team! ".... complete letter

Aresh Tajarobi

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Brian Rooney and the LangleyHomeTeam. They are absolute lifesavers!! They took complete control and accomplished wonders. As my tenant had left my property in a state of extreme distress, I was forced to paint inside and out, replace all floors, including tile floors. I have a full time job in Burnaby, Brian and his team took over completely. They contacted painters, landscapers and junk removal, obtained quotes and generally made my life so much easier. They got the highest price EVER for a house in that area!

I would highly recommend Brian and the Langley Home Team as they go above and beyond the call of duty.Please do not hesitate to contact me for a more detailed reference."
Yours truly,
Janis A. Beaumont

"... my wife had met Brian's team and was very impressed with their abilities and thought they would be the right team to sell our house. As usual she was right.

They turned out to be an awesome team. I was very impressed with how strong they were in negotiations and yet how tactful they were in dealing with the other realtor. Needless to say we got the price and terms we wanted.

We have both recommended  the Langley Home Team to our family and friends who have also had extremely satisfying results..."
complete letter...
Jim Hird

Dear Brian,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I have appreciated your help in the sale of my mother’s house after her death earlier this year. I knew at the start it would be a difficult task, of which you assured me you were prepared to handle, but it escalated into things that we couldn’t have foreseen at the time. At one point I was so distraught I was considering taking a leave of absence from my work here in Ottawa to go out there. When I told you this you offered to take on the burden that was rightfully mine, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The house sold in record time, I believe it was listed in mid-June and it closed on August 15th. You were able to overcome all the obstacles there were with tact and understanding. That was amazing work. We even got the price we were asking. There were quite a few mornings when I would arrive at work and find that you had already called or e-mailed me, which would have been before 6:00 a.m. your time. You really must get more sleep, Brian.
If I can ever assist you in providing a reference to attest to your outstanding work and dedication I would be more that happy to speak to anyone. Please have them call me at (613) 831-2701.
Enclosed is a small token of my thanks and appreciation. I wish you every success in your career, of which I am sure will be yours without any doubt.

Very sincerely,

Mary Headley-Brown


To whom it may concern,

Brian Rooney and Marleane Maxwell were real estate agents for us in Langley. These people are polite, conscientious and well informed. They sold our home when no one else could. They got the job done.
We highly recommend Brian Rooney and Marleane Maxwell as real estate agents when the time comes to sell your home.

Ron and Bibiane Plessis

Brian Rooney 604-782-6723
Homelife/Benchmark Realty